Kranzberg Arts Foundation Visual Arts
2019 Call for Submissions

Application Deadline June 30th

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” – Socrates

The Kranzberg Arts Foundation is now accepting proposals for our 2020 Visual Arts Exhibition Calendar. Directly related to this call, we are very pleased to announce the opening of The High Low Literary Arts Cafe in the summer of 2020. This establishment will have an emphasis in all things literary.  We will be supporting the literary artists in our community in collaboration with established literary organizations.  Therefore, the submissions will be considered for both The Gallery at The Kranzberg and the new High Low art gallery. We are considering solo and group proposals, in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works of all media. Each of these environments has special attributes for the presentation of your work. Both of these galleries will showcase your exhibit within prominent venues in Grand Center. Art patrons of every stripe cross our threshold in large numbers so bear in mind the opportunity this will be for your work to be seen daily by visitors to all the cultural destinations in this area.  Fundamental to the Kranzberg Arts Foundation is the idea that the arts, far from an indulgence, are a necessity of society and reflect our finest ideals and greatest accomplishments. Our subject for 2020 is a multi-faceted examination of Knowledge.  We are looking for excellent work examining the concept of “knowledge” in the many ways it is defined and the many ways it is understood by people all over the world.

Exhibition Project Description

We are considering solo and group proposals, in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works of all media. Our subject for 2020 is a multi-faceted examination of Knowledge. We are looking for excellent work examining the concept of knowledge in the many ways it is defined and the many ways it is understood by people all over the world.

The human brain is a marvel that none of us can fully comprehend and in observing even ordinary human accomplishments we intuitively understand the vast potential that exists within each of us. Humans have an insatiable curiosity that, over the millennia, has led to advancement after advancement in our understanding of the world we inhabit.  Every achievement in human history has coincided with the increased capacity of our brains that led to both the creation of and utilization of tools. And having refined language, we are able to share our experiences, allowing us to teach and share information as it is acquired. Some people thrill at our continuing discoveries and dream of solutions for all the ills of our planet and shared human dilemmas.

But every achievement, both in ancient and contemporary settings, have brought the condemnations of sages, mythological deities, and religious leaders. They warn that our pursuit of knowledge will bring peril and punishment. The gods will not tolerate competition from mortals. Frightening natural catastrophes were given as proof of our folly. After receiving handcrafted wings, Icarus, filled with the exhilaration of flying, neglected the lessons his father Daedalus and flew too close to the sun which melted his wings, causing him to plummet to his death in what we now know as the Icarian Sea.

We are increasingly at odds with one another in establishing a method that satisfactorily distinguishes between the truth and opinion. How do we determine what is accurate and on whose authority do we rely upon? Our most trusted and integral sources of communication have become violators of our private worlds and exist to manipulative our behavior for profit.

”Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.” -Plato

And so how do you, the artist, define “knowledge” and what is your criteria for determining the integrity of data?  Is your creative brain working in tandem with your logical brain? Have you a vision that can reflect the truth as you perceive it?


  • The artist is allowed approximately 2 days to install and 2 days for the de-install of the work. The time frame must be coordinated within regular gallery hours. The artists will need to plan carefully to avoid conflicts in the gallery schedule. Please arrange ahead for the transportation, delivery, installation, and de-installation of your work.
  • Please allow repairs to the walls in your de-install time frame.
  • Please include drawings of the placement of 2- dimensional and 3 – dimensional works and how/where the work will fit into the space. The artist must consider the columns and front windows. These drawings can be sketches.
  • The Kranzberg Arts Foundation encourages the artist to come and visit the space and get to know the surrounding St. Louis region.

Submission Guidelines

The jury will select five artists/groups to exhibit during the 2020 season for The Gallery at The Kranzberg and the High Low Gallery. All applications will be reviewed by a committee. The stipend for each exhibit will be $500.00.

Submissions must be from U.S. residents 21 years or older living within a 120-mile radius of St. Louis, MO. The work in your submission must be available for a possible install on 1/02/20. Exhibitions are 6 weeks and designed to open on a First Friday. If you are selected, the order of the exhibition calendar will be by lottery.

Artist submissions must include the following:

  • Outline of installation and de-installation process and approximate timeframe.
  • Photographs or drawings of the artwork in the gallery space.
  • Current professional biography and resume.
  • Digital images of 10 recent works. Up to 5 image details are allowed, making a total of no more than 15 images.
  • Images should be JPEGs approx. 2000 x 1500 pixels at 72 dpi (no larger than 3MB). RAW and other formats will not be accepted.
  • Each image should be labeled: lastname_firstname_#.jpg (example Smith.John_02.jpg).
  • An image list with titles, media, dimensions (height x width x depth) and date completed, title of the work, medium, date completed, size and price.

About the Gallery at The Kranzberg

The size of the gallery space is approximately 1000 square feet with 800 square feet dedicated to installation space, with floor to ceiling pillars every 14 feet. The gallery has 8’ storefront windows on the full eastern street side, 26 running feet of wall space on the north side and 32 feet on the west side. The ceiling height is approximately 12 feet. There is limited access to the ceiling. Please contact [email protected] with specific questions and a copy of the floor plans of the gallery space.

The installation should visually transform the 800 square feet of exhibition space. We challenge each submitting artist to look at the physical environment of the gallery and design work that engages the space as a site-specific installation. Creatively consider the space and light of the gallery as part of a 3 – dimensional visual composition.  Considering the viewer’s dialogue with your work. Anticipate the exhibit from your viewer’s point of view.

The Gallery at the Kranzberg Arts Center showcases outstanding, relevant works from a diverse range of artists in the St. Louis community.  In collaboration with area nonprofits, artists, and educators, the Gallery challenges established concepts of what art is and does engaging the region’s citizens in new and meaningful ways. This spirit of innovation, experimentation, and community make the Gallery at the Kranzberg Arts Center one of the premier visual arts destinations in the Midwest.

About the High Low Gallery

A dedicated 600 sq ft space expandable up to 2600 sq ft that will host 5-6 rotating exhibits a year dedicated to literary arts-focused exhibitions.

  • Archival quality vitrine
  • Professional hang systems and pedestals
  • Modern gallery lighting
  • Temperature & humidity-controlled environment


The Kranzberg Arts Foundation reserves the right to photograph all exhibited works for web use and publicity purposes. The Kranzberg Arts Foundation reserves the right to use digital images submitted for jurying for publicity of exhibition including but not limited to email, web use, and social media. Accepted artists will be required to send high-resolution JPEGs of accepted artworks to The Kranzberg Arts Foundation for exhibition records/paperwork and publicity.

About the Kranzberg Arts Foundation Galleries

The Kranzberg Arts Foundation is committed to providing the essential infrastructure necessary for the arts to thrive in the St. Louis community. Through the development of performing arts venues, visual arts galleries, free music programs, and workspaces for non-profit arts organizations, the Foundation creates opportunities for and nurtures the growth of artists, while working with emerging and leading arts organizations to engage with St. Louis’s diverse community in ways that are relevant, inclusive, and inspiring.

“The unwillingness to try is worse than any failure.” –Nikki Giovanni


Contact Diana Hansen, Director of Galleries, [email protected] or (314) 533-0367 ext. 105. Email inquires preferred.