02 Jul 2018

Chef Samantha Pretto Talks New Menus at The Dark Room and Sophie’s – and Why St. Louis Needs a Raclette-Focused Restaurant

The past few years have brought a lot of change for Samantha Pretto, but what’s remained unchanged is her passion in the kitchen and the family recipes that inspire her cooking.

When Pretto took over the kitchen at The Dark Room in Grand Center almost three years ago, she transformed the small collection of snacks and small plates on offer into robust Italian- and Mediterranean-inspired lunch, dinner and brunch menus. Pretto quickly won over returning customers with beloved dishes like her meatballs and weekly gnocchi program, both nods to her father’s Italian heritage. It was her first time leading a kitchen; she’d previously worked under chef Carl Hazel, then executive chef at The Scottish Arms, an experience she credits with her success today.