16 Jul 2018

St. Louis Newcomer Sam Golden Has Found His Niche with Golden Hour

t was barely a couple of years ago when a young man named Sam Golden up and moved to St. Louis, never having visited the city prior to his arrival. This was a relocation based on the best reason of all: love. His ladyfriend had received a residency offer from BJC, and Golden “decided to tag along and see what happened.” Together, the two crossed the country, from Arizona to St. Louis, with one half of the duo knowing exactly what would come next, the other taking a more free-floating approach.

Armed with a degree in composition and serious competency on a host of instruments, Golden hit the open-mic scene and played a few gigs, meeting some folks that way. Mostly, though, his deep dive into the St. Louis music scene came as a result of linking up with one musician, who put him in touch with another, who put him in touch with another. He’s already had to cycle out of projects, simply because his time has become so stretched.