Filmmaker Residency Program Deliverables and Application


We encourage you to review our website to learn more about our spaces, technical specifications and floor plans and how they can benefit your proposed project.  We are also available to give tours of the spaces.  Please contact [email protected] with any questions and /or to schedule a tour.  

WORKSPACE: Each resident will be provided with an individual, dedicated workspace. Filmmakers will have access to a dedicated  desk at one of the Foundations cooperative office space to handle the administrative/ quiet side of their work. Filmmakers will have access to all KAF spaces and properties for film shoots and production.

PRESENTING SPACE: Each resident will have the opportunity to present their work in one of several KAF performing arts concert venues, screening rooms and /or one the Foundations  non traditional spaces.  Venues are outfitted with state of the art technology, systems, and staffing that help take productions and presentations to the next level.

TECHNOLOGY, TOOLS and TRAINING: Each resident will be introduced to training opportunities within the KAF eco system relevant to their use of our venues, tools and technology, as well participation in KAF core values and guest experience training program, Heart & Soul.

MARKETING & STORYTELLING SUPPORT: All residents will receive inclusion in KAF digital, web, on site, and social media marketing and storytelling. Residents will also receive a 10-day block of 60 second radio spots on KDHX and/ or WSIE to help promote their artworks as well as printing support for promotion purposes.  KAF will also document the defined project progress throughout the residency period.


Residency participants will receive a $1000 cash stipend from the Kranzberg Arts Foundation

Partner Resources:

Midtown Sound House: www.midtownsoundhouse.com

  • Filmmakers will receive a one day ( 8 hour) block of time at Midtown Sound House ($500 value)

Volunteer Lawyers and Accounts for the Arts: www.vlaa.org

  • One-on-one “triage” meetings with the resident artists to discuss legal and accounting issues related to their projects;
  • Pro bono (income guidelines) referrals to our volunteers;
  • Regular check-ins (individually or in small groups) throughout the residencies to assess new or changing legal and accounting needs and/or topics of common concern;
  • Free tuition when attending our professional development programs; and
  • The opportunity to participate in Upstart college outreach program.

Important Dates

  • Date for Open Submission: June 15th, 2021- August 1st 2021
  • Final Selections: August 15th, 2021
  • Artist Announcement: September 1st, 2021
  • Public Announcements: September 15th, 2021
  • Residency begins: October 1st, 2021 – Dec. 30th, 2022

Scoring Process and Methodology

Applications will be scored using a weighted rubric. The application will be reviewed and scored by a committee of artists, arts professionals, and educators. The committee will screen applications to build a lottery pool that reflects demographic diversity, as well as a diversity of artistic mediums. Artists will be selected blindly from the lottery pool. 

Please prepare your application with the following information:

Engagement with St. Louis (30%)

  1. How long have you lived in St. Louis? Up to 8 points
  2. Are you planning to stay in St. Louis? Up to 8points
  3. How does your artistic practice engage with or reflect the St. Louis community? Up to 8 points
  4. How has the artistic community in St. Louis influenced your art and your process for creating
    art? Up to 3 points
  5. Do you consider St. Louis to be artistically relevant for your career? Why or why not? Up to 3

Commitment to Artistic Practice (15%) – all questions up to 3 points

  1. Please describe the artwork that you create and 3 characteristics that define you as an artist.
  2. Please describe the passion that you have for your work and share other insights that you think drive the creation of your work.
  3. What is your earliest memory of creating artwork and how long have you been making art?
  4. Please describe your creative regimen and the amount of time that you devote to creating
    your art on a weekly basis.
  5. Do you consider making artwork central in your life and do you think that you will continue to
    make artwork throughout your lifetime?

Examples of Artistic Endeavors/Practice (15%) – up to 3 points for each question based on completion and submission of all requested documents.

  1. Please submit should submit 3 film clips of current work.
  2. Please provide other examples of your practice that you consider relevant and demonstrate that you are proficient in the execution of your artwork. This may include achievements or work that you consider significant.
  3. Please submit your choice of any available videos or images of your current work shared through social media.
  4. Please describe any public screenings in which you have participated either individually or in a group.
  5. Please provide one film clip image and describe its origin and significance.

Proposal of Artistic Project (40%)

To ensure that your residency is a deeply meaningful experience we are asking that you propose a project that will
bring to fruition goals, ideas and work previously left unfinished or an entirely new concept of form and content. This is your opportunity to create a specific, self-directed body of work with focused intent. The culmination of your work will be exhibited or performed subject to the requirements of your medium.

  1. Please provide a general description of the work you will be undertaking and your primary medium. If you use mixed media as a visual artist, are a writer or musician, please describe. Include your specific goals for the body of work to be completed. Up to 5 points
  2. Please provide a timeline outlining the course of your work over the eighteen-month period of the residency. Up to 5 points
  3. Each of you will have unique needs in the creation of your artwork. Opportunities vary for the differing artforms but KAF is committed to providing the best possible residency experience for every artist. Mindful of the infrastructure and support endowed by the KAF, we ask that you describe how you will utilize each of the Five Pillars provided by the residency. (as described in specific residency deliverables)- up to 25 points.