Public Health Update: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last updated March 17th, 2020 at 10:45 AM

To our guests, artists, and partners,

We have followed the recommendations and guidelines put in place by our government and health officials and have moved to shut down all Kranzberg Arts Foundation venue operations. This includes theatres, galleries, clubs, restaurants, cafes, and libraries. For the time being, our tenant and resident organization offices remain open. These closures will remain in place until at least May 11th:

  • The Grandel Theatre
  • The Marcelle
  • The Kranzberg Studio, Black Box, and Gallery
  • .ZACK Theatre
  • High Low
  • Sophie’s Artist Lounge
  • The Dark Room

To ticket holders, MetroTix will be reaching out and instructing guests to respond with “refund” or “donate”. While this is a difficult time for everyone, arts organizations and artists will be particularly impacted by COVID-19 and the disruption to their jobs. We’re asking for guests, as they are able to, to consider donating to the organizations instead of asking for a refund.

We will continue to work with our funding partners and local government agencies to find ways to help support artists and arts organizations through these unprecedented times and to make sure the arts are still felt and present in people’s daily lives.

We will stay connected through social media and other digital platforms and will share resources, updates, and next steps as frequently as possible.

Peace and strength to you and yours,

Chris Hansen
Executive Director
Kranzberg Arts Foundation


3/16: River Styx (High Low) – cancelled
3/16-22: Wash U Theatre – Triumph of Love (.ZACK) – cancelled
3/17: Cabaret Open Mic (The Kranzberg) – cancelled
3/17-22: Ignite “Wizard of Oz” (The Grandel) – cancelled
3/20: HEARding Cats Collective (High Low) – cancelled
3/21: The Sample (Sophie’s Artist Lounge) – cancelled
3/22: Queer Soup Night (High Low) – rescheduled for 5/24
3/25: Campfire (High Low) – rescheduled for 7/22
3/26: Story Stitchers (.ZACK) – cancelled (live streaming)
3/27: Bounce Rave (.ZACK Ballroom) – cancelled
3/28: Elevating Voices “Before Black Lives Matter” (The Kranzberg) – cancelled
3/28: Fading Royalty (High Low) – cancelled
3/28: We Are Live “Target Practice” (.ZACK) – cancelled
3/29: JFed – Hankus Netsky (.ZACK) – cancelled
3/29: Kode REDD Dance “Vibrations” (The Grandel) – cancelled
4/1: Wash U Big Band (The Grandel) – cancelled
4/1: Wash U Jazz Band (The Dark Room) – cancelled
4/2: The Belief Cycle Release Party (Sophie’s) – cancelled
4/3: Nashville Live in Grand Center (High Low) – cancelled
4/3: Fox Performing Arts (Marcelle) – cancelled
4/2: Sky “How Did I Get Here?” (The Kranzberg) – cancelled
4/4: I’m Every Woman Live (The Kranzberg) – cancelled
4/4-5: Big Muddy “Moves & Grooves” (The Grandel) – cancelled (will record/live stream)
4/6: Left Bank (.ZACK) – cancelled
4/6-27: SLU “Mr. Burns” (The Grandel) – cancelled
4/9: Stone Salon (High Low) – cancelled
4/9: DownRight Ent. / Yo Adrian (.ZACK) – cancelled
4/11: BDASL Social (Grand Hall) – cancelled
4/14: Wash U Donor Event (High Low) – cancelled
4/14: Left Bank (.ZACK) – cancelled
4/17-5/3: Upstream “Iphigenia in Splott” (The Kranzberg) – cancelled / moved to fall
4/18: Jmo Sneaker Ball (.ZACK Ballroom) – cancelled
4/24: Story Stitchers (High Low) – rescheduled to 6/19
4/25: Story Telling Festival (High Low) – cancelled
4/25: Story Bee (The Kranzberg) – cancelled
4/25: Last Poets (.ZACK / High Low) – cancelled
4/28: Caleb King (High Low) – cancelled
4/29: Wash U Jazz Combo (Dark Room) – cancelled
4/29-30: Story Telling Festival (.ZACK) – cancelled
4/30: SLU Overground (High Low) – cancelled
5/1-3: CKDC “Human Disturbance” (The Marcelle) – cancelled
5/2: Carter Productions (.ZACK) – cancelled
5/7: Left Bank (The Kranzberg) – cancelled
5/7: Solid Lines (High Low) – cancelled
5/8: Royal South (The Kranzberg) – cancelled