COVID-19 Mitigation Policies for Outdoor Events

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent mitigation efforts have changed our world forever and will greatly alter the experience of public assembly for the foreseeable future. As the operator of essential infrastructure for the arts, it is our responsibility to define best practices and implement a set of policies and procedures so that art can continue to flourish in our venues. These steps will ensure to the best of our ability the health and safety of all our guests who utilize our infrastructure for artistic expression and to gather to enjoy and experience art of all forms.

Our venues are prepared to re-open with phased capacity, and we will be frequently re-evaluating our procedures based on effectiveness and the most up-to-date public health and safety information.

Enhanced Sanitation / Sanitizer Stations

All Foundation venues and workspaces will undergo professional deep cleanings and receive a comprehensive viral disinfectant fogging prior to re-opening. Our venues will continue to undergo rigorous daily cleanings, with an EPA certified disinfectant with increased disinfecting procedures on all high touch surfaces throughout our many theatres, galleries, events spaces, and workspaces. All venues have sanitizer stations installed at convenient locations including points of entry, common areas, offices, elevator, and restroom entrances.

Face Coverings

All guests to Foundation venues are required to wear protective face coverings. All Foundation employees, vendors, contractors, and volunteers whose job scope requires interacting and/or transactions with the public are required to wear protective face coverings at all times while on duty. Guests are allowed to remove their face covering only when eating or drinking.

Temperature Checks/Health Screenings

The Foundation requires all employees, vendors, contractors, and volunteers to receive health screening questionnaires and/or temperature checks prior to the start of their workday or before entering Foundation venues and workspaces. Guests will be subject to a series of questions prior to entrance.

Contact Tracing Protocols

To ensure proper contact tracing protocols are in place, the Foundation requires all staff, vendors, and contractors to sign in upon entering Foundation venues. All guests to the Foundation will be required to provide full contact information. We reserve the right to share this information with public health authorities as necessary.

Opportunity for Contactless Public Experience

Foundation venues will offer the public the ability to enjoy art with a contactless experience. Our security and door staff will regulate entrance for all members of the public. Food/beverage ordering and payment will be conducted online in advance, and service steps will be implemented adhering to best practices for limiting person-to-person contact.

Social Distancing Policies

The Foundation will implement crowd control measures and seating plans which allow for responsible social distancing. These include regulated entry, controlled intermission, and controlled end of show dismissals. When in lines, patrons will be encouraged to leave space and remain socially distant.

Reduced Venue and Facility Capacities

All Foundation venues and workspaces will operate at a reduced capacity, determined by public health and government officials, with seating plots and floor plans designed to maintain social distance requirements. Restrooms will be located inside The Grandel and limited to (2) two persons at a time.

Increased Preparedness Training for Foundation Staff, Resident Organizations, and Volunteers

All Foundation staff, resident organizations and volunteers will receive enhanced COVID-19 mitigation training focusing on best practices in social distancing, sanitation and hygiene, transacting with the public, and communications.