Kranzberg Arts Center Gallery Submissions Form


We are currently accepting proposals for our 2019 Exhibition Calendar. Our theme is Chaos and its effect on the physical and psychological human condition. We are considering both solo and group proposals, either 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional and in any media. We want the proposals to creatively consider the space and light of the gallery as part of a 3-dimensional visual environment. The proposals should anticipate their exhibit as being the inspiration for interactive dialogues and performances within the gallery space. Fundamental to the Kranzberg Arts Foundation is the idea that the arts, far from an indulgence, are a necessity of society and reflect our finest ideals and greatest accomplishments. They sustain and inspire us in the darkest and the most challenging of times.

All applications must be submitted by August 31st.

Exhibition Project Description

Recently, we have experienced an unprecedented number of natural disasters: hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, and other forms of extreme weather events. Equally unpredictable and seemingly as unrelenting are the random, deliberate, and unfathomable acts of human violence perpetrated by individuals and groups of every description. We are living in increasingly uncertain times. Institutions, organizations, and ideals relied on for generations as moral parameters have been shattered. This unstable time has effected a cynicism that now permeates all beliefs and assaults human endeavors of integrity. Our most trusted and integrated means of communication have become violators of our private worlds and exist to manipulative our behavior for profit. Confusion is widespread. The sense of loss of control over our physical world and psychological identity can lead to apathy and despair.

But in a world, seemingly out of control, the human spirit is profoundly sparked and aroused to defiance and hope. Overwhelming obstacles and hardships have always been the impetus for the discovery of our intrinsic strengths, and the need for change leads to creative solutions that have never before been imagined.

And so how do you, the artist, adapt in response to these overwhelming conditions? What still matters to you in a world turned upside down? Where do you find the strength to stay firm in your convictions? How do you find the hope to dream and create a better world?

We are looking for excellent work that examines those things that inspire us all and affirm the beauty of the human soul. We hope these exhibits offer relief from disbelief and will move the community to a closer examination of their own role in rebuilding and maintaining a better world.

Gallery Description

  • The installation should visually transform the 800 square feet of space. We challenge each submitting artist to look at the layout of the gallery and design work that engages the space as a site-specific installation while considering the viewer’s relationship to the work.
  • The size of the gallery space is approximately 1000 square feet with 800 square feet dedicated to installation space, with floor to ceiling pillars every 14 feet. The gallery has 8’ storefront windows on the full eastern street side, 26 running feet of wall space on north side and 32 feet on west side. The ceiling height is approximately 12 feet. There is limited access to the ceiling. Click here for a copy of the floor plans of the gallery space.


  • The artist is allowed approximately 2 days to install and 2 days to de-install the work within regular gallery hours.
  • The de-install time should include repairs to the gallery for installation damage.
  • Artists must include drawings of how/where the work will fit into the space. The artist must consider the columns and front windows.
  • The artist(s) will need to plan carefully to avoid conflicts in the gallery schedule. Please arrange ahead for the transportation, delivery, installation and de-installation of your work.
  • The Kranzberg Arts Center encourages the artist to come and visit the space and get to know the surrounding St. Louis community.

Submission Guidelines

Applications must be submitted on or before August 31st, 2018. The Gallery at the Kranzberg Arts Center will present five (5) exhibitions per year. All applications will be reviewed by a jurying committee. The stipend for the exhibit will be $500.00 for group and single artist exhibits. Please fill out the following form to submit your application. Any questions should be directed to [email protected].