“Color-ism” Addresses Discrimination Within the African-American Community

In Grand Center, “WORK/PLAY” is using the power of language to spark a conversation within the Saint Louis community about colorism – discrimination based on the shade of one’s skin. The insidious problem is not just confined to conflict between ethnic and racial groups, but also within groups. “WORK/PLAY” focuses on colorism within the African-American community with pieces that call back to the roots of the problem and shine a light on how it manifests today. Kevin and Danielle McCoy make up the art team “WORK/PLAY” and discuss their exhibit which is open to the public at Kranzberg Arts Center until September 3, 2018. More information about the exhibit can be found at kranzbergartscenter.org.


20 Jul 2018

‘Am I accepted now?’ — St. Louis couple’s art tackles colorism

Married couple Danielle and Kevin McCoy are used to being treated differently based on the color of their skin — not only because they are each African-American, but because her skin tone is lighter than his.

“Dani being fairer-skinned, wavier-textured hair,” Kevin McCoy said, “and me darker, more coarse, as we say nappier hair — I was not the ‘safe’ black person.”

He said people they encounter, both “in the black community and outside of the black community,” appear comfortable with Danielle but view him as “aggressive.”

This led them to create the work in “Color-ism,” an exhibition that opens at the Gallery at the Kranzberg Arts Center on Friday and remains on view through Sept. 3. Put simply, colorism is the preference for lighter-colored skin, even within communities of color.

20 Jul 2018

Best Bets (Colorism)

19 Jul 2018

Herb Alpert sells out the Grandel

Herb Alpert and Lani Hall’s concert Aug. 19 at the Grandel is sold out. Show time is at 7 p.m. In addition to the concert, some of Alpert’s paintings and sculptures will be on display at the Grandel. Get more information at metrotix.com.

16 Jul 2018

St. Louis Newcomer Sam Golden Has Found His Niche with Golden Hour

It was barely a couple of years ago when a young man named Sam Golden up and moved to St. Louis, never having visited the city prior to his arrival. This was a relocation based on the best reason of all: love. His ladyfriend had received a residency offer from BJC, and Golden “decided to tag along and see what happened.” Together, the two crossed the country, from Arizona to St. Louis, with one half of the duo knowing exactly what would come next, the other taking a more free-floating approach.

Armed with a degree in composition and serious competency on a host of instruments, Golden hit the open-mic scene and played a few gigs, meeting some folks that way. Mostly, though, his deep dive into the St. Louis music scene came as a result of linking up with one musician, who put him in touch with another, who put him in touch with another. He’s already had to cycle out of projects, simply because his time has become so stretched.

06 Jul 2018

St. Louis musician Tonina bridges the gaps between languages and musical styles

Tonina Saputo speaks several languages — both musically and otherwise. She’s not very far past the beginning of her career, but the diversity of her musical interests can already be heard in projects ranging from alternative R&B to Latin jazz.

The St. Louis-based vocalist, songwriter and bassist, who performs under her first name, has a global vision. “I really want to bridge the gap between American music — I put that in air quotes, because what is American music? — and world music. And what is world music?” she said.

Her vision is reflected on her new album, “Black Angel,” which includes songs sung in Spanish, Sicilian and English.

02 Jul 2018

Chef Samantha Pretto Talks New Menus at The Dark Room and Sophie’s – and Why St. Louis Needs a Raclette-Focused Restaurant

The past few years have brought a lot of change for Samantha Pretto, but what’s remained unchanged is her passion in the kitchen and the family recipes that inspire her cooking.

When Pretto took over the kitchen at The Dark Room in Grand Center almost three years ago, she transformed the small collection of snacks and small plates on offer into robust Italian- and Mediterranean-inspired lunch, dinner and brunch menus. Pretto quickly won over returning customers with beloved dishes like her meatballs and weekly gnocchi program, both nods to her father’s Italian heritage. It was her first time leading a kitchen; she’d previously worked under chef Carl Hazel, then executive chef at The Scottish Arms, an experience she credits with her success today.

22 Jun 2018

Sally’s Rooftop Garden & Terrace opens atop the .ZACK building

Sally’s Rooftop Garden & Terrace was officially unveiled this week atop the .ZACK building. The addition to the sprawling arts complex, at 3224 Locust, means the entire building has now been to put to use. The project is a collaboration between the Kranzberg Arts Foundation and Urban Harvest STL.

Some of the rooftop’s bounty will be used onsite, at first-floor restaurant Turn and second-floor venue Sophie’s Artist Lounge & Cocktail Club, and some will be used by other Grand Center facilities, such as The Dark Room at the nearby Grandel. The food will also be donated to local groups to serve residents in food deserts across the city.