About Artist Residencies

Our residencies have been successful in providing artists and organizations with the infrastructure they need to thrive. As we continue to expand our offerings, we’re focused on legitimizing and better defining our residency structures to build a world-class set of artist programs that foundations across the country and world can look to as a model of successful investment in the arts.

Meet Our Resident Organizations

Scene from "Salt, Root, and Roe" by Upstream Theater
"Salt, Root, and Roe" by Upstream Theater, photo credit: ProPhotoSTL

We are proud to partner with a number of organizations producing world-class art in St. Louis. We invite you to learn more about our long-term residents to find out why we think they represent the heart and soul of our city.

Get To Know Past Artists In Residence

group of 10 musicians sitting and standing
Kranzberg Arts 2019-2020 Music Artists in Residence

In partnership with Clayton Studios, we have previously collaborated with artists — particularly musicians — by identifying band leaders with original projects and providing them with performance, rehearsal, and recording opportunities to assist them in advancing and building their careers.

2021 Residencies

Birds' eye view of .ZACK Theatre, photo credit: Theo Welling

Application for 2021 Residencies Forthcoming

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