Who We Are

The Kranzberg Arts Foundation has a vision for the city of St. Louis.

We believe our artists, communities, and cultural experiences represent the heart and soul of our city — and we are committed to providing the opportunities and resources necessary for the arts to thrive, now and in the future.

Since 2006, we have been passionately dedicated to providing local, emerging artists and community arts organizations the vital space and tools to perform and showcase their work, thus fulfilling the collective vision to not only be part of a vibrant and growing arts ecosystem, but also a premier arts and entertainment destination.

Through the development of performing arts venues, visual arts galleries, free music programs and work spaces for nonprofit arts organizations, we nurture the growth of artists, while working with to engage with St. Louis’ greater community in ways that are relevant, inclusive and inspiring.

Our need-based, ground-up approach to giving is at the heart of our mission to make St. Louis a true destination for artists to thrive and a more inspiring and interesting place for us all to live.