The Kranzberg Arts Foundation is excited to introduce internship programs within the Marketing & Communications Visual Arts, and Performing Arts curriculums!

Located in the Grand Center Arts District, the heart of St. Louis’ visual and performing arts community, the Kranzberg Arts Foundation operates venues and galleries; conceives, markets, and implements arts programming; and provides necessary infrastructure for the arts to thrive in the St. Louis region.

The Foundation hosts theater, music, dance and other performing arts productions at the Kranzberg Arts Center, The Marcelle, and .ZACK. While visual art finds a dedicated home in the Gallery at the Kranzberg Arts Center, as well as in the gallery of The Dark Room. Currently under re-development, the Grandel Theatre will in the near-future, host plays, concerts, and more as well as be the new home of The Dark Room.

Within the Grand Center neighborhood, the Foundation and its venues call institutions such as Powell Symphony Hall, The Fox Theater, KETC, KWMU, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Harris Stowe University, St. Louis University, KDHX, the Sheldon, Jazz St. Louis, and the Pulitzer (among many others) neighbors and collaborators. Home to more than 20 arts nonprofits, who work, build, and perform in our venues, the Kranzberg Arts Foundation ecosystem also hosts independent producers and in-house productions.

At this moment, we are witnessing a significant series of unfolding events in our society that have already directly impacted St. Louis. Manifesting in a heightened sense of cultural awareness of identity and self-expression, the convergence of new energy and ideas, with the existing artistic community promises the beginning of a St. Louisan artistic Renaissance. An unprecedented alignment of resources, coupled with the anticipated growth of and commitment to the arts, makes the culturally dense hothouse that is Grand Center – already a breeding ground for unique collaborations – rich with the promise of future artistic possibilities and cross pollinations.

Therefore, we think this is an especially exciting time to be directly involved in the activities of an on-site internship program. The intern will be directly involved in the developments unfolding within the Foundation’s venues, as well as in the broader community.

The Kranzberg Arts Foundation exists in an environment that encourages creativity and fosters thoughtful examinations of new ideas and solutions. We welcome the collaboration of colleges and universities in customizing course descriptions which will best fit their individual academic requirements, while also creating exceptional opportunities for students to learn, grow, and develop into young professionals. We invite you to help us create a meaningful internship experience for your students.

This is an exceptional opportunity for your students, and we look forward to applicants who will bring a love for the arts and an enthusiastic commitment to artistic expression into the Kranzberg Arts Foundation ecosystem.

For more information on the Kranzberg Arts Foundation Internship Program, please contact Director of Galleries & Internships – Diana Hansen:

Phone: (314)533-0367 ext. 105
Email: [email protected]